Flows Archive

Below is the archive of the Flows bulletin on payments for watershed services, which was produced between 2001 and 2008 with support from the World Bank and the International Institute for Environment and Development.


Flows #27: Payments for watershed services in real life – emerging lessons from IIED and partners (1-29-2008) [English]

Flows #26: Forests and water: communicating complexity and shaping policy (12-4-2007) [English][Spanish]

Flows #25: Creating a return flow of the multiple benefits of good soil and water management practices (4-19-2007) [English][Spanish]

Flows #24: Money isn’t everything (The Vittel case) (12-18-2006) [English][Spanish]

Flows #23: Creating 21st century institutions for watershed services (10-20-2006) [English][Spanish]

Flows #22: Willingness-to-Play for watershed services (8-8-2006) [English][Spanish]

Flows #21: Supporting the negotiation of fair deals for watershed services (6-29-2006) [English][Spanish]

Flows #20: Connecting watershed services, livelihoods and human security (5-11-2006) [English][Spanish]

Flows #19: Using PWS to build a new economy: Anticipating lessons from the Danube (4-6-2006) [English][Spanish]

Flows #18: Quantification of cloud forest conversion to pasture on water quantity (3-9-2006) [English][Spanish]

Flows #17: Payments for watershed services and the costs of change (2-14-2006) [English][Spanish]

Flows #16: Markets for watershed services – in context (1-20-2006) [English][Spanish]

Flows #15: Addressing impacts of land use change with payments for watershed services (11-3-2005) [English][Spanish]

Flows #14: Payments for watershed services in coastal areas: not whether but when, and the cost of delay (9-23-2005) [English][Spanish]

Flows #13: Payments for watershed services and the myth of simple solutions (8-22-2005) [English][Spanish]

Flows #12: Payments for watershed services as an element of Integrated River Basin Management (7-7-2005) [English][Spanish][Indonesian]

Flows #11: Extreme events as drivers of change in watershed processes and in land use practices (4-27-2005) [English][Spanish][Indonesian]

Flows #10: Payments for watershed services and water as a human right – is there a conflict? (4-6-2005) [English][Spanish][Indonesian]

Flows #9: The answer is forty-two but, what was the question? (3-8-2005) [English][Spanish][Indonesian]

Flows #8: Science in the Mist and the Mysteries of Cloud Forests (2-15-2005) [English][Spanish][Indonesian]

Flows #7: Identifying Watershed Services: “Pay your money, take your chances” (1-19-2005) [English][Spanish][Indonesian]

Flows #6: Payments for Watershed Services – in Theory and in Practice (12-6-2004) [English][Spanish]

Issues released from 11-1-2001 to 5-26-2:

Flows #5: Do markets for watershed services help the poor? / Ayudan los mercados para servicios de cuencas hidrográficas a los pobres? (5-26-2002) [English/Spanish]

Flows #4: A foggy issue? / Un assunto nebuloso? (3-29-2002) [English/Spanish]

Flows #3: Are Myths Useful? / Son los mitos útiles? (1-7-2002) [English/Spanish]

Flows #2: New E-Journal on Land Use and Water Resources Research, (12-13-01) [English]

Flows #1: Developing Markets for Water Services from Forests, (11-1-2001) [English]